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Family & Criminal Law Attorney Cedar Rapids, IA Divorce

Details: Please call our law firm at (319) 286-1767 for a telephone consultation or to arrange a time to meet a child support attorney, guardianship lawyer, or drug attorney at our office. Learn More About Jacobsen Johnson & Wiezorek PLC

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Criminal Lawyer Cedar Rapids IA OWI/DUI Attorney

Details: Family law cases can be particularly challenging due to the emotional nature of family issues. If you need a divorce attorney, child custody lawyer or name change attorney, we provide legal services for civil matters, such as marriage dissolution, child support and custody, prenuptial agreements, adoptions, guardianship, wills and trusts, and other civil cases.

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John D. Jacobsen

Details: John Jacobsen is a partner of Jacobsen Johnson & Wiezorek PLC. His practice includes State of Iowa & Federal criminal defense, having taken multiple felonies to trial. He also represents clients in divorce, custody, child support & other matters.

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Family Law Cases

Details: Family law cases can be difficult for everyone involved. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and Jacobsen Johnson & Wiezorek PLC can help you get there. We have been representing clients in family and civil law cases since 2005 and can help you with everything from divorce and custody decrees to name changes, wills / trusts, workers …

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Jacobsen Johnson & Wiezorek PLC Attorneys Cedar Rapids Law

Details: Locally owned since 2005, Jacobsen Johnson & Wiezorek PLC is a law firm that you can trust for help with family and civil law cases, criminal law cases (including state and federal), and more. We bring more than 30 years of combined experience to every case and all of our attorneys are members of the Iowa State Bar Association.

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OWI/DUI, Child Custody & Adoption Attorney Marion & Cedar

Details: Termination of parental rights and adoption. Establishment or disestablishment of guardianships (voluntary or involuntary) Workers' compensation. FREE. Consultations Available. Call us to schedule an appointment with our attorneys. 319-286-1767. Learn More About. Jacobsen Johnson & Wiezorek PLC.

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Criminal Law Cases

Details: The Defendant was only required to enter a plea to Driving While Barred. March 1, 2017. Linn County OWCR119641. A Motion to Suppress drafted by attorney Wiezorek and argued by attorney Jacobsen was granted which resulted in the dismissal of their client's Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) charge.

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Family Law Attorney Marion, IA Drug, Guardianship, Child

Details: When you need a criminal defense lawyer, we offer legal representation for state and federal criminal charges. Whether you need a theft lawyer or child pornography attorney, we represent clients in DUI, theft, assault, drug offenses, firearm offense law, and many other criminal charges in state and federal court.

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