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50 Movies That Best Represent Each State Far & Wide

Details: Gregory Peck won an Oscar for his portrayal of lawyer Atticus Finch, who battled the racism and prejudice of this small Southern town — a narrative that speaks to the several hardships throughout the state’s history. Alaska: ‘Into the Wild’ Release date: …

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How to Explore Italy the George Clooney Way Far & Wide

Details: The movie star and lawyer spent several days exploring the city in style, before marrying at the ultra-posh Aman Venice Canal Grande. To host a Clooney-inspired wedding at the hotel, go all out by splurging on a string orchestra, a cameo performance from Lana Del Rey, served champagne and caviar in the secluded garden, and a lavish five-course

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Shocking, Horrible, Hilarious Tales of World Travel Far

Details: Over the years, as international lawyer Scott Gaille traveled to more than 100 countries, he started asking this deceptively simple question — and getting answers that shocked him. A member of the Omani royal entourage shared the story of a sultan who demanded his servants control the turbulence on his private jet, so he could listen to a

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The Oldest Buildings in 50 U.S. Cities Far & Wide

Details: The Oldest Buildings in 50 U.S. Cities. America may be a young country, but it still has a fascinating history. While you won't find buildings that date back thousands of years, as in other parts of the world, you can gain insight into the country's foundation through its architecture.

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Countries Where Women Are in Charge Far & Wide

Details: Countries With Powerful Female Leaders. When it comes to gender equality, we are living in a historic age. Women make up nearly a quarter of the United States Congress, more than at any other point in history, and representation is steadily increasing in statewide offices across the nation. Globally, women are also participating more frequently in the political process, even though progress is

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24 Best BBQ Joints in the U.S. Far & Wide

Details: 24 Best BBQ Joints in the U.S. Pecan Lodge / Facebook. Juicy melt-in-your-mouth ribs. Delicious spice rubs. Tangy sauces. American BBQ is the stuff of legend, and the way you prefer it cooked completely depends on the region you grew up in or have come to love. That’s why we’re not here to name the winner (although we’d happily debate it

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Inside Israel's Craft Beer Boom Far & Wide

Details: Soon he met Dan, a lawyer from New York who, inspired by Jeremy's passion for craft beer, wanted in on the dream. Eventually, the two opened the first Jem's Beer Factory in an industrial zone in Petach Tikva near Tel Aviv. Since then, Jem's has expanded to include six additional brewpubs throughout Israel, all featuring Jem's beer and tasty

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European Cities With the Highest Quality of Life Far & …

Details: European Cities With the Highest Quality of Life. Each year, two global surveys, Mercer's Quality of Living Survey and The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Liveability Index, measure metrics such as crime rates, healthcare, infrastructure, quality of water, levels of corruption, culture and education, down to availability of sporting facilities and environmental concerns.

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