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Details: A lawyer, tax consultant, or real estate professional can help shed light on your situation and prevent future litigation. While it may be somewhat expensive to get started, paying to become informed is likely much less expensive than hiring a lawyer

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California's Most Famous Women in History

Details: As the first female lawyer on the West Coast, Clara Shortridge Foltz was a trailblazer in more than one way. Folz was so adamant about becoming a lawyer that she wrote the amendment that allowed women to pursue a career in law in the Golden State.

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21 California Real Estate Laws You Need to Know

Details: Upon filing a lawsuit, the lawyer interviews relevant parties to establish whether the buyer was unaware of the known defect or the seller truly hid the information from them. 3. Upon selling a home in California, a title company conducts a title search to write a Preliminary Title Report (PTR). Based on the PTR, the title insurance company

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Weird Things to do in L.A. for an Unforgettable Experience

Details: Magic Castle. One of the best weird places in L.A., the extravagant Hollywood mansion known as Magic Castle was initially built in 1909 by real estate investor, lawyer, banker, newspaper editor, and philanthropist Rollin B. Lane. But in 1962, it became home to the Academy of Magical Arts, which was founded by successful criminal attorney

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The Golden State Goes Green: Environmental Laws to Know

Details: SB 110 may be the defining environmental law of 2019. This groundbreaking bill mandates that the state generate 100 percent of its electricity from solar, wind, and other non–fossil fuel sources by 2045. To meet these ambitious goals, state legislators have already passed numerous new laws that increase incentives for solar panels and set

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Deborah Zacharatos-Reeg, REALTOR®

Details: After obtaining her real estate license, Deborah was able to get a broker's license right away—thanks to her education and experience as a lawyer—making her a standout realtor from the start. In addition to her unique background, Deborah is a very knowledgeable and welcoming person.

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Every Personality Type

Details: The debater often ends up becoming a lawyer, engineer, inventor, psychiatrist, journalist, or scientist. An engineering coffee mug from Engineering Corner, an Elle Woods-inspired notepad from Avant Dante, and a silver light-bulb necklace from Dainty N Darling are on their holiday wish lists.

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The Horror Movie Film Locations To Visit Now

Details: This acclaimed movie follows wealthy socialite Melanie, who pursues a lawyer to the small town of Bodega Bay. Things take a sour turn when birds begin attacking Melanie and other local residents. Take in the famed film scenes by heading to Bodega Bay in Northern California town; you can stroll the streets and walk past the restaurants and

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