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Details: Moore is the author of the new book, Thrive – A New Lawyer’s Guide to Law Firm Practice (American Bar Association, 2012). Get your copy here! Have questions or just want to chat?

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What Is The Role Of Lawyers

Details: I have another friend who is a lawyer whose mother died as a result of malpractice. After two years of litigation, she finally got a settlement. I asked how she …

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Lawyer Time Is Valuable Above the Law

Details: A lawyer stereotype is that the cost of legal services is often very prohibitive. However, when small-firm lawyers think about providing services, …

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Lawyer of the Day Above the Law

Details: By Kathryn Rubino · Oct 31, 2019 · 2 mins to read

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11 Reasons Why It’s So Hard Being A Lawyer (Part I

Details: By Jeena Cho · Jun 19, 2015 · 5 mins to read

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The Literate Lawyer Above the Law

Details: A lawyer needs to understand the ambiguities involved and should even be aware of what groups of people may or may not be familiar with their ambiguous natures. All of that will be pivotal in

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How To Be A Better Lawyer Above the Law

Details: I am a former family lawyer with 27 years of trial experience. I also spent a great deal of time volunteering with lawyers with addiction and substance abuse problems, as well as representing

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This Lawyer Keeps Score For Steph Curry When He’s Done

Details: 8 hours ago · As a lawyer with ethical obligations, I’m used to the straight-and-narrow. I’m kind of the court reporter, no pun intended. — Kevin Chung, senior counsel for employment law and human

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Thinking Like A Lawyer Is A Technique — Not A Lifestyle

Details: By Kevin Mckeown · Jun 11, 2014 · 5 mins to read

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John Paul Stevens Above the Law

Details: California, John Edwards, John Paul Stevens, Libraries / Librarians, Morning Docket, New Jersey, Prisons. Morning Docket: 05.31.11. By Juggalo Law. * Opponents of “three strikes” hope that the

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How To Love A Lawyer Above the Law

Details: By Jeena Cho · Jun 15, 2015 · 6 mins to read

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Ask Me Anything: Lawyer Career Transition Above the Law

Details: Elena F. Deutsch, MPH is the CEO of WILL – Women Interested in Leaving (big) Law. She helps attorneys who feel stuck and unhappy, clarify what else …

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Honesty In The Profession: Lawyer Should Not Be Synonymous

Details: I am the first lawyer in my immediate family. I am also a litigator: I represent plaintiffs in employment discrimination claims, businesses in …

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‘Lawyer’ vs. ‘Attorney’: A Distinction Without A

Details: No, according to legal ethics expert Steven Lubet, the Williams Professor of Law at Northwestern Law School: I saw the posts on Elizabeth Wurtzel. For what it’s worth, the lawyer/attorney

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When A Lawyer Becomes A Criminal Above the Law

Details: By Joe Patrice · May 12, 2015 · 9 mins to read

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The So-Called Lawyer Monopoly Above the Law

Details: In fact, some lawyer message boards and listservs forbid recommending minimum fees or discussing fee structures. If there is an unspoken minimum floor …

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Money Is On Lawyers’ Minds — See Also Above the Law

Details: The 2021 Raise Race: Law firm salaries went up, up, up in 2021. But Will Bonuses Be As Bountiful? Let us know what you think in our annual bonus survey. 'How To Coup' Lawyer Thinks Himself A …

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Book Review: My Mom, The Lawyer Above the Law

Details: That lawyer-moms’ schedules sometimes conflict with family events is mentioned, with the narrator, a child, explaining that as a result …

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